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Finding the Right Therapist

Graphic of two women sitting on chairs with umbrella - choosing a therapist

You’ve made the decision to start therapy.  It’s a huge step forward in trying to make changes for your life.  The next task is finding a therapist.  If you go onto Google and search “therapists in my area,” tons of options will come up.  It can be overwhelming to have to scroll through different websites, […]

Behaviour Burst

ngry Afro Mother Shouting At Offended Daughter Sitting On Couch At Home. Family Problems, Quarrels And Aggression

It gets better before it gets worse. One of the greatest challenges as a parent is staying consistent with consequences.  One of the many reasons includes a child’s reaction.  It’s an age-old story:  you set a limit, the child tries to push the boundaries, you reinforce the limit, and the child explodes.  Your child may […]