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Supporting a Youth Struggling with Suicidal Ideation

Seated teenaged-girl with head on knees and holding her ankles.

One of many parents’ worst fears is learning that their child is struggling and no longer feels like they can keep going.  Whether your child tells you directly that they have thoughts of suicide, or you find out in another way, it is heartbreaking and instantly makes us panic.  I want to focus this blog […]

What are Values and Why Do They Matter in the Treatment of Mental Health?

Let’s start with the first question related to what are values? When I am doing therapy with someone, I define values as those things that are important to us that we cannot necessarily buy. This could include the way we treat others, and the way we expect others to treat us. Some examples could be […]

Supporting a Child with ADHD

Small child in orange shirt playing with blocks

Many parents struggle when supporting a child or youth who has been diagnosed with ADHD. This specific topic is special to my heart due to being diagnosed with ADHD at age 9. I was blessed to have appropriate support and accommodations put in place to help me feel successful. I wanted to spend some time […]

Tips for Coping With Anxiety

Girl seated on chair holding knees with hand on head.

Anxiety is a universal emotion that is common in many different types of species. For humans, we have a part of our brain that is designed to protect us from life-threatening situations and this part usually responds by putting us into the fight, flight, or freeze mode. As our world has evolved, humans have been […]

What is rumination?


And How Do I Cope With It? Everyone has times in their lives when they overthink certain situations. Trying to think through and solve a problem is a good skill to have. However, a problem occurs when we find ourselves thinking about the same situation repeatedly. Rumination (when it relates to psychology) is the act […]